Guesthouse by the lake “Gäststugan”

The Guesthouse “Gäststugan”

This cabin used to be the vicarage’s laundry back in the old days, perfectly situated near the water. The cabin is placed very privately, approximately 400 meters from the old main house. This is a cabin for those who appreciate “back-to-basic living”, there is no electricity and only summer-water at the outdoor kitchen. The cabin has two rooms; the combined livingroom and bedroom with a sleeping couch and a single bed, and a kitchen with a very nice view to the lake Laxsjön. This cabin even has its own little beach…

Outdoor kitchen and a nice place to enjoy a meal.
Nice view from the kitchenwindow. Do you want to go for a swim?
The kitchen.
The kitchen with a gas stove and a fridge.
A cosy livingroom/bedroom with a double sleeping-couch and a single bed.
Enjoy a trip on the lake with the steady kayak.
Outdoor shower
There’s even a nice place behind the cabin were you can enjoy the evening sun.
Your own beach.
Nice and clear water in Laxsjön